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Faculty Advancement

Faculty Advancement

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J-1 Exchange Visitor Program

In 1961 the United States Government passed the Mutual Education and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 in order to increase the mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by means of education and cultural exchanges. The Act was implemented by the US Department of State (DOS) with the creation of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 Program). Through the J-1 Program, designated public and private entities act as sponsors, and in turn have the ability to invite international scholars to participate in research, teaching or training in the US. After their participation, international scholars are expected to return home and share their experiences with others. 

For over 15 years, San Diego State University (SDSU) has been approved as a designated J-1 Exchange Visitor Program sponsor by the US Department of State. The Office of Faculty Advancement administers and monitors the J-1 Program for SDSU. The designated Responsbile Officer (RO) for the J-1 Program at SDSU is Dr. Joanna Brooks, Associate Vice President for the Office of Faculty Advancement.


Information for SDSU Colleges and Departments

If you are an SDSU college or department, please visit the Information for Colleges and Departments page.

Prospective Scholars

In order to participate in the J-1 Program, prospective international scholars must be sponsored by an SDSU department. Once a department has agreed to sponsor the scholar, they will need to work with the department's college immigration respresentative to gather the appropriate documentation in order to obtain authorization from the Office of Faculty Advancement to participate in SDSU's J-1 Program. The following J-1 visa categories are available for prospective scholars: Research Scholar, Professor, and Short-Term Scholar. For more information, please contact the designated immigration represenative in the department's Dean's Office.

If the scholar is currently in the US as a J-1 scholar at a different institution, the scholar may be allowed to transfer to SDSU. The scholar will first need to initiate the process as described above. Once a department has agreed to invite the scholar to SDSU, they will need to complete the J-1 Transfer-In Request Form. 


Pre-Arrival Information


Arrival Information


Maintenance of Status

For questions, please email Christinejoy Sampankanpanich, Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) in the Office of Faculty Advancement at

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