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Faculty Advancement

Faculty Advancement

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Retirement & FERP


Part-time or full-time faculty members who intend to retire are required to notify the University in writing. These written notices are processed through the Office of Faculty Advancement.

If a tenured faculty member wishes to retire and enter FERP or PRTB, it must be specified in a letter (see sample letters).

Sample Retirement Letter for Tenure-Track Faculty (Probationary and Tenured)
Sample Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) Letter
Sample PRTB Request Letter


Eligible tenured faculty unit employees who have reached the age of fifty-five (55) may participate in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP).
An eligible tenured faculty unit employee is required to notify the President in writing at least six (6) months prior to the beginning of the campus academic year that s/he opts to participate in FERP.  The President may waive the required notice period.
FERP employment shall be at the same rank and salary (step) level of the participant in the academic or fiscal year immediately prior to retirement.  Such employment shall be proportional to the time base of the participant in the academic or fiscal year immediately prior to retirement.
The permissible “period of employment” in FERP is one semester full time or two semesters at 50% time.One (1) academic term not to exceed a total of ninety (90) workdays or fifty percent (50%) of the employee’s regular time base in the year preceding retirement.
The Faculty Early Retirement Program is for 5 years.

CalPers Contact
(888) 225-7377
CalPers Office
7676 Hazard Center Drive
Suite 350, San Diego, CA  92108

SDSU Human Resources / Benefits
619-594-6404 (main line), OR

Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base

The Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base (PRTB) program provides for the continuation of full service credit towards retirement with a reduction (33%, 50% or 66%) in academic-year work assignment and pay over a 5 year period. Tenured faculty who are 55 to 64 years old and have worked full-time for the CSU for at least ten years (including at least five years' continuous full-time employment immediately prior to program entry) are eligible for PRTB. Faculty must notify their academic unit that they plan to enter PRTB at least six months before the beginning of the subsequent academic year. Faculty enter PRTB at the beginning of the academic year and may not return to full-time employment without approval by the President. PRTB participants accrue sick leave but are ineligible for sabbatical or difference-in-pay leaves.

To assess whether PRTB or FERP is right for you, please use this retirement calculator

Faculty Emeriti

Conferral of emeritus status represents an honor bestowed by the university in recognition of significant and distinguished service to the university by tenured and tenure-track faculty from San Diego State University who may seek to continue their affiliation with and service to the institution. 

This honor is conferred by the Academic Senate.  Each semester, the Faculty Honors and Awards Committee (FHAC) receives from the President’s Office a list of tenured faculty members who have informed the President of their intention to retire. Nominations for emeritus status are submitted to FHAC by Deans, and emeritus status is conferred by a formal action of the Senate, viva voce.

The privileges of emeritus status include:

  • Listing in the General Catalog: The names of Emeritus faculty are listed in the back of the General Catalog and at the appropriate department location in the body of the catalog.
  • Health and Dental Coverage: If enrolled at the time of retirement, Emeritus faculty will continue to receive the State contribution to health and dental benefits.
  • Retention of Faculty I.D. Card: Emeritus faculty continue to be issued a faculty ID card (indicating Emeritus status) and are entitled to all faculty privileges requiring possession of an ID card.
  • Library: Emeritus faculty retain all Library privileges available to active teaching faculty.  Although general availability of carrels in the Library is extremely limited, Emeritus faculty can apply through their home department for the use of Library carrels for temporary fixed-length assignments.
  • Foundation Services: Emeritus faculty may continue to submit proposals through the Foundation and serve as principal investigators/project directors on grants and contracts.  They retain access to grant development services including proposal development consultation and use of the Foundation Grants Library.
  • Office Space: Emeritus faculty may apply to their respective College Deans for office space, which may be assigned as available.
  • Faculty-Staff Club: Emeritus faculty who were current dues paying members of the SDSU Faculty-Staff Club at the time of their retirement are automatically granted dues-free membership for life, which entitles them to the same discounts and free use of FSC facilities that they enjoyed before retirement.  Non-members may also join the FSC but at the usual monthly or yearly faculty-staff rates.
  • Faculty/Staff Discounts: Emeritus faculty are entitled to all discount privileges made available to active faculty, i.e., discounts on all athletic tickets, season tickets or tickets on a game-by-game basis.  SDSU discounts for theatre productions may also be available through Performing Arts Box Office.
  • Bookstore Discounts: Emeritus faculty may receive special discounts at the University Bookstore.
  • Computer Facilities: Computer facilities are made available to Emeritus faculty, subject to the same limitations that are currently applied to active faculty.  Emeritus faculty seeking use of computer facilities should apply through Telecommunication and Network Services.
  • Recreational Facilities: Emeritus faculty are entitled to use all campus recreational facilities requiring possession of an SDSU ID card.



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