Initiative for Inclusive Leadership

Launched in 2019, San Diego State University’s faculty leadership development initiative seeks to “build on the leadership potential that already exists within the CSU” and “create a pipeline of diverse administrative leaders who are capable of advocating for the core mission of the California State University.”

Participants will

  • Develop a future vision of themselves as university academic leaders and a plan for their development
  • Identify the strengths and assets—including cultural assets—they bring to leadership as diverse, equity-minded, and inclusion-minded faculty members
  • Build relationships with current and emerging CSU leaders
  • Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to mid-level leadership positions including department chair and associate dean
  • Become familiar with BIPOC-centered theories of institutional change and leadership

Funded by the SDSU President’s Budget Advisory Committee, the initiative supports atwo-day faculty leadership institute (held annually), support for institute alum to attend regional and national leadership development events, and the Faculty Futures Lab podcast.

Building with Inclusive Leadership 2022 Institute Participants

CSUDH Adriana Aldana
CSUDH Corina Benavides-Lopez
CSUDH Donna Nicol
CSUDH Jose Martinez
CSUDH Marisela R. Chávez
CSUDH Pablo Ramirez
CSUDH Ximena Cid
CSUMB Christina Zhang
CSUMB Kenny Garcia
CSUMB Maria Gurrola
CSUMB Maria Villaseñor
East Bay Chandra Ganesh
East Bay Danielle Gaudry
East Bay Danvy Le
San Luis Obispo Alexandra Yep
San Luis Obispo Anurag Pande
San Luis Obispo Ashley McDonald
San Luis Obispo John Pan
San Luis Obispo Kelly Bennion
San Luis Obispo Louise Edwards
San Luis Obispo Xiaoying Rong
SDSU Amanda Fuller
SDSU Christal Sohl
SDSU Cristian Aquino Sterling
SDSU David Kanaan
SDSU Eunha Hoh
SDSU Iana Castro
SDSU Ignatius Nip
SDSU Jessica Barlow
SDSU Mahasweta Sarkar
SDSU Nathian Rodriguez
SDSU Pamella Lach
SDSU Paula Peter
SDSU Roy Whitaker
SDSU Sureshi Jayawardene
SDSU Tiffany A. Dykstra-DeVette
SDSU Tina Yapelli
SDSU Tom Huxford
SDSU Victoria Gonzalez-Rivera
SDSU Yan Luo
SFSU Blake Riggs
SFSU Julietta Hua
SFSU Robert Bonner

Shared Governance Leadership Institute Alumni

2019 - 2020

Mounah Abdel-Samad Public Affairs
Michael Borgstrom English and Comparative Literature
Yea-Wen Chen Communication
Estella Chizhik Teacher Education
Angela Coker Women's Studies
Sarah Elkind History
Hisham Foad Economics
Temesgen Garoma Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Michael Gates Nursing
Steve Gill Accounting
Roberto D. Hernandez Chicana and Chicano Studies
D.J. Hopkins Theatre, Television, and Film
Susan Kiene Public Health
Vanja Lazarevic Child and Family Development
Nerissa Lindsey Library
Tracy Love Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Karen May-Newman Mechanical Engineering
Eyal Oren Public Health
Yusuf Ozturk Electrical Engineering
Matthew Savage Communication
Allison Vaughn Psycology

2018 - 2019

Ashkan Ashrafi Electrical and Computer Engineering
Suzanne Bordelon Rhetoric and Writing Studies
Fernando Bosco Geography
Yea-Wen Chen Communication
Anna Culbertson Special Collections and University Archives
Sarah Garrity Child and Family Development
Lisa Gates Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education
Sara Gombatto Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
Tonika Duren Green Counseling and School Psychology
Marshal Hedin Biology
Jennifer Imazeki Economics
Rebecca Lewison Biology
Hala Madanat Public Health
Matthew Mahar Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
Lourdes Martinez Communication
Angel David Nieves History
Mitchell J. Rauh Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
Mark Reed Social Work
Elisa (EJ) Sobo Anthropology
Chamu Sundaramurthy Management
Emilio Ulloa Psychology
George Youssef Mechanical Engineering
Eric Walsh-Buhi Public Health
Maria Luisa Zuniga Social Work