Initiative for Inclusive Leadership

The Initiative for Inclusive Leadership seeks to grow capacity among faculty to lead within institutions of higher education in complex and uncertain times.  Based at San Diego State University in the California State University system—the largest, most diverse four-year public university system in the nation—this faculty-led initiative is rooted in a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity and in the core CSU mission of “advancing and extending knowledge, learning, and culture” in service to the public.   Our goal is to create broadly inclusive opportunities for learning and foster relationship that will create a pipeline of diverse academic leaders for the CSU.

Funded by the SDSU President’s Budget Advisory Committee, the initiative supports the two-day faculty Shared Governance Leadership Institute (held annually in January), support for institute alum to attend regional and national leadership development events, and the Faculty Futures Lab podcast.

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Shared Governance Leadership Institute Alumni

2019 - 2020

Mounah Abdel-Samad
Michael Borgstrom
Yea-Wen Chen
Estella Chizhik
Angela Coker
Sarah Elkind
Hisham Foad
Temesgen Garoma
Michael Gates
Steve Gill
Roberto D. Hernandez
D.J. Hopkins
Susan Kiene
Vanja Lazarevic
Nerissa Lindsey
Tracy Love
Karen May-Newman
Eyal Oren
Yusuf Ozturk
Matthew Savage
Allison Vaughn
Public Affairs
English and Comparative Literature
Teacher Education
Women's Studies
Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Chicana and Chicano Studies
Theatre, Television, and Film
Public Health
Child and Family Development
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Mechanical Engineering
Public Health
Electrical Engineering


2018 - 2019

Ashkan Ashrafi
Suzanne Bordelon
Fernando Bosco
Yea-Wen Chen
Anna Culbertson
Sarah Garrity
Lisa Gates
Sara Gombatto
Tonika Duren Green
Marshal Hedin
Jennifer Imazeki
Rebecca Lewison
Hala Madanat
Matthew Mahar
Lourdes Martinez
Angel David Nieves
Mitchell J. Rauh
Mark Reed
Elisa (EJ) Sobo
Chamu Sundaramurthy
Emilio Ulloa
George Youssef
Eric Walsh-Buhi
Maria Luisa Zuniga
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rhetoric and Writing Studies
Special Collections and University Archives
Child and Family Development
Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education
Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
Counseling and School Psychology
Public Health
Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
Social Work
Mechanical Engineering
Public Health
Social Work