Independent Services and Payments to Foreign Nationals

When hosting foreign national guest lecturers or performers who will perform short-term services within the U.S., SDSU is limited by very specific regulations from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Labor regarding payment and honoraria. Departments are reqired to confirm if a foreign national, who is not an SDSU employee, is allowed to perform independent services and receive payment before the individual comes to SDSU. Failure to confirm an individual's ability to work and receive payment may have negative affects to their immigration status in the future. 

For specific information on how to requisition a payment for a foreign national, please visit the Accounts Payable website and review the Nonresident Alien Payment Checklist

Common Visa Types for Guest Lecturers or Performers


Required Documentation by Visa Type

I-94 card marked with B-1 status
B-1/B-2 visa stamp

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