Range Elevation

Temporary faculty employees (lecturers) shall be eligible for range elevation if they are not eligible for additional Salary Step Increases (SSIs) and who have served five (5) years in their current range.

Additionally, those with six (6) or more years Full Time Adjusted Service (FTAS) in their current range shall be eligible to apply for range elevation. For each academic or fiscal year, FTAS is defined as the average time base (FTE) worked over the year, divided by 0.8, and up to a maximum of 1.0 for that year. FTAS is calculated from the semester in which the faculty member first entered their current range. Totals are cumulative, summed over the total number of years the faculty member has served in their current range. To estimate your full-time adjust service (FTAS) years use the calculator provided by CFA.

For individuals working in more than one department at a campus, eligibility is defined separately for each department.

At least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the annual campus range elevation process, Faculty Advancement shall notify those lecturers who may be eligible for range elevation. If approved, range elevation salary increases shall be effective at the beginning of the first appointment in the academic year following the review.