Chair and Director Reviews

The SDSU Senate Policy File indicates that procedures and schedules for reviewing chairs are to be determined by departments, programs and schools (see below). The Senate Faculty Affairs committee has considered developing a campus-wide approach but concluded that college and department policy should guide this process.

As per policy, reviews should be conducted in the third year of the first term and every two years thereafter.

Chair/director reviews are not to be substituted for post-tenure reviews.

In academic units where chair/director reviews entail a written review, please forward a copy to Faculty Advancement for storage in the faculty member's Personnel Action File.

4.0 Departments, programs, or schools shall develop procedures and schedules for periodic review of the chair or director. The review shall be completed by March of the third year and every two years thereafter and shall consist of a least a referendum by the tenured and probationary faculty. After the referendum or review, the unit shall recommend to the dean of the college that the appointment be continued or terminated.

5.0 During a term of office, a department, program, or school may request that the dean remove the chair or director, or the dean may determine to remove the chair or director. In either case, after deliberation and consultation with the unit and the personnel committee of the college, the dean may recommend to the President that the chair or director be removed and an interim chair or director be appointed and may request from the unit a nomination for a regularly appointed chair or director.