Performance Reviews for Probationary Faculty in Years 3 and 6, and Faculty Seeking Tenure and/or Promotion (RTP)

Performance reviews are required for faculty requesting reappointment in years 3 and 6, or tenure and/or promotion in any year.  This evaluation is a multi-level review which consists of the department/school peer review committee, department chair/school director, college peer review committee, dean, University Promotions Tenure Review Panel (UPTRP), and the Provost.

Please review the following sections for specific information regarding Performance Reviews for Probationary Faculty in years 3 and 6, and Faculty Seeking Tenure and/or Promotion (RTP). The forms and documents listed below are available to assist faculty, committee members, staff, and administrators with the performance review process.

2023-2024 Peer Review Committees

 For further assistance, contact your College RTP Representative:

College RTP Representative      Contact Information
Arts and Letters Ruby Lopez

[email protected]

Business Administration Kelly Bowen

[email protected]

Education Cecy Beltran

[email protected]

Engineering Amy Jensen

[email protected]
Health and Human Services

Heidi Doyle


[email protected]

Imperial Valley Campus Samuel Palma

[email protected]

Professional Studies and Fine Arts Angie Parkhurst


[email protected]

Sciences Teresa Couri

[email protected]

Division of Student Affairs &
Campus Diversity

Sarah Manlow

[email protected]

University Library Bann Attiq

[email protected]