Periodic Evaluations for Probationary and Tenured Faculty

Periodic evaluation is required for probationary faculty in years 2, 4 and 5 by their department or school in the Fall. Probationary faculty in year 1 do not need to be reviewed if they schedule a mentoring meeting with their chair or director, using the mentoring meeting checklist below.

Periodic evaluation is required for tenured faculty by their department or school in the Spring (including chairs, directors, librarians, counselors, and SSPARs) who are not in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) and have not undergone within the last five (5) years periodic evaluation or performance review in connection with tenure and/or promotion.

  • Review shall be conducted by a committee of tenured faculty members and by the dean or their designee.
  • If teaching is a part of the work assignment of the faculty member under review, teaching evaluations shall be considered.
  • Complete information about procedures including required evaluation materials, criteria, and timelines shall be provided to the faculty due for evaluation within 14 days of the beginning of the academic term in which they are to be evaluated.
  • A copy of the evaluation shall be provided to the faculty member and delivered to the official PAF in the Office of Faculty Advancement.

Please review the following sections for specific information regarding Periodic Evaluations for Probationary Faculty in years 2, 4, and 5 and Faculty Undergoing Post-Tenure Review/Periodic Evaluation. The forms and documents listed below are available to assist faculty, committee members, staff, and administrators with the performance review process.

2023-2024 Peer Review Committees